We Should Never Return to Normalcy

James Duffy

“I wish we could just get back to normal”, a Realtor stated in our conversation this week.

Going where we want, watching movies and going to the beach and vacations and parties. Oh, and graduation.

Well, what if we never go back to normal? What if there is just going to be a new normal?

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This poll shows the majority of Americans will not readily return to restaurants and bars and movie theaters.

When we open back up, we will see if and how quickly consumers either return to normal spending, or curb that for an extended period. And we know consumer spending is a big driver of the economy. If we don’t all go back to spending as we were in early February, then the economy will not rebound in a V shape. Not at all.

So let’s assume we are in for a U shaped recovery, one where getting everyone back to work take some time. Especially in urban areas where the population density is greater.

And let’s also assume that some industries and jobs will be forever changed. I think that is a safe assumption.

What will you do?

A 30 Day Challenge

A master marketer, Russell Brunson, asked this question of a group of entrepreneurs and business owners: “If you lost everything and had just 30 days to rebuild, what would you do?”

And several of those business owners answered. Not in a vague sort of way, either. They laid out all 30 days and what they would do on day 1, day 2, day 3…all the way to day 30. And all so that you and I can follow along, doing exactly what they do, and build something new, something entirely ours, in just 30 days.

And, it’s really good. Very actionable.

I went through it. It’s simple, which I like. Not easy every day, but a simple plan. In my experience, simple gets done. Complex plans get thought about.

Most days it takes about a hour to an hour and a half of work to stay on track. Just a couple of days took longer, and there were a couple tasks that I did not know how to do, so I hired those out. Cost was $45 to the freelancers.

With 6 million out of work over the past month, that question is more pertinent than ever, because so many have actually lost everything and need to start over. Why not do so in 30 days and get started right away?

Other friends are deciding to take advantage of this time to do something they have been wanting to do for a long time. That itch to change, pivot, and try something new. Now they have the liberty to scratch that itch.

If that is you, then I encourage you to join the 30 Day Challenge.

If you lost everything, and had only 30 days to rebuild, what would you do?

I found that following those who had done it, replicating exactly how they would do it again, was the simple way to replicate a successful path to building something new.

And, it worked for me. I know that if you have that itch to build something different, something new and exciting, it will work for you, too. I hope you will join this 30 Day Challenge.

If you do, let me know how it’s going. I would love to encourage you along the way.

So, will we return to normalcy anytime soon?

I hope that you will not. I hope that your new normal is bigger and more exciting, that your new normal is a richer and fulfilling life.

About The Author

For years, 18 as of this writing, I have walked beside average men and women of all ages on a specific journey. The journey of home ownership.
And what I have discovered in opening up the financial reality of thousands of individuals & couples is a constant mix if fear, hope, confusion and achievement. It really is an exhilarating journey!
And I have read innumerable books on personal finance, read the blogs and listened to the podcasts, and spoken to the experts. And there always seems to be a bit of a disconnect between the theory of ‘personal finance’ and the lived reality of what is, truly, personal finance.

This is a place where real life meets real money. I hope you will come along on the journey to explore Finance, on the Front Line.


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