Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

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How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent 

Becoming a real estate agent is one thing, and becoming a successful real estate agent is another thing entirely. There are tons of real estate agents out there but only a handful smile to the bank frequently.

This is mainly because many people just hop into the real estate niche deaf, dumb, and blind when it comes to information. Having a few skills up your sleeves like being persuasive and having a knack for negotiation skills can be sufficient to get you started but, you need more than that to succeed when you delve deeper into the industry.

The real estate industry is broad in its own circle. You’ll be dealing with different clients, properties, and locations. This can be tasking and might threaten your courageous spirit. You need to be armed with the prerequisites of the industry and what makes the successful people ahead of you tick.

With that background laid, let’s look at


5 Ways to Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

Assuming you’ve obtained all the licenses you need to operate in your state and have scaled through all necessary examinations to be certified as a real estate agent, the following ways can help you succeed in the industry.


1. Intern with a Realtor or Seasoned Agent

Gaining first-hand experience in the field is something every aspiring real estate agent should be aiming at. It’s a prerequisite for success out there. And you don’t have to make a dozen mistakes to gain this vital experience for success.


You’ll be working alongside an experienced realtor. You can call it mentorship if you like. But most seasoned realtors will be willing to accept you as an assistant. They could use an extra hand in the field and you can benefit a lot from the partnership.

It doesn’t matter the kind of skills you have in you or have bagged in the past, this is the real deal, and there are certain tips you will never learn until you get your hands dirty in the mud.

This can only be gotten if you tag along with someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry. You don’t even have to pay for this experience. All it will take from you is your time, effort, and a rare zeal to learn. When you’ve acquired substantial knowledge on the industry via an expert, when you venture out on your own, you’re bound for success with little surprises.


2. Have a Source of Income

The truth is, it might take a while for you to start making it big when it comes to commissions. You’re just getting started and still learning the ropes. You should keep your job if you have one unless you have saved up enough money to last for at least six months or up to a year without the commissions. If you’re thinking about going in on a part-time basis, that’s also a wise call.

When the commissions start rolling in, you can consider quitting your full-time job. However, if your full-time job keeps you working round the clock, then it’s best you quit and start a business on the side that you can manage alongside gaining experience in the field as a real estate agent.

The bottom line is, do not venture into the real estate industry as your only source of income. Have something doing on the side and as a hedge against challenging times.


3. Read With Enthusiasm 

Becoming successful as a real estate agent involves a lot of hard work. But more importantly, you need to be armed with lots of secrets, and some of them are hidden in books. Some of the moguls in the industry have written down their strategies, and some of the priceless tips that made them rise to the heights where they are.

By munching these books from a variety of authors, you gather enough information to keep you at an edge over others. You’ve heard that readers are leaders and most of the successful people you admire have their library stocked with books. The books aren’t for entertainment, they borrow wisdom from multiple sources, aggregate them, and become even better.


4. Establish an Online Presence 

In the 21st century, the internet is an invaluable tool for the rise of any business or craft. You can leverage it to your advantage. For starters, a social media account can be of tremendous help for online publicity. This is even important as you’re keeping your full-time job since you won’t have all the time to spread the word out with your mouth.

Today, most successful realtors get all their clients from social media and referrals. When you’ve gained a solid stance in the industry, a website or portfolio site can make you look professional and classy.

But you have to begin from somewhere when it comes to leveraging the internet for your real estate business. You can also connect with successful realtors on social media and grab a few handy tips they’ll be dishing out once in a while.


5. Network Extensively

The real estate industry like every other is one you can’t thrive in if you sit like an island. You need to expand your network. You need to go out there and meet people in the industry, then come back home, and continue the connection via social media.

Consequently, you should look out for real estate groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Join them and join the conversations. Follow their pages on every social media platform, and make friends with some of the experts.

You can also join an association of realtors in your locality, and watch out for meetings where different real estate agents from varied backgrounds will converge. This presents you with an opportunity to expand your network and get referrals.



Getting your foot on the door of the real estate business might have cost you a lot of time and resources. But to stay put in the industry will demand more out of you.

From reading books with the passion for finding a mentor or working as an intern, feel free to explore any option you find viable achieving success as a real estate agent.

Success won’t come easy and this is not to scare you. It’s to help you brace up for the challenges.

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