Creating an Offer Letter for a House

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Creating And Offer Letter For A House

The process of buying a house requires that the buyer make an offer to the seller. Have you come across a house that you would really like to buy? In that case, you have to make an offering to the home seller by writing an offer letter.

Importance of Offer Letter for a House


Making an offer verbally or in writing is not the only factor the home seller will consider when choosing your offer. Some people share an emotional connection with their home. Therefore, sometimes knowing the person making the offer is just as important as the offer itself.


Therefore, it is important for you as a first-time homebuyer to master the art of creating an offer letter for a house you wish to purchase. A well-thought offer letter can help your offer stand out from the rest.


Apart from making an impression on the seller, writing an offer letter for a house can make the entire buying process a bit more personal and less robotic both for the seller and buyer.


So, whether you are a seasoned house hunter or a first-time homebuyer, learning to write an offer letter can be a game-changer to help you win over the seller. How to create an offer letter for a house you want to buy? Let us find out.

Tips for First-time Homebuyers for Creating an Offer Letter


Battle-hardened house hunters already know the importance of an offer letter. While it does not guarantee that the seller will accept your offer, it certainly acts as a perfect beacon to make your offer more unique than the rest.


When it comes to competing for a house, a similar bid may catch the home seller’s attention. Nevertheless, a well-crafted offer letter is what’s most likely to seal the deal.


A quick tip before we begin: always remember that the key purpose of writing an offer letter is to strike an emotional connection with the home seller. If the seller identifies with you on a personal level, they are more likely to accept your offer over others. That said, here are some tips on how to write an impressive offer letter for a house.

·         Always Address Home Seller by Name


Don’t sound robotic by starting your letter with generic greetings like “Dear Homeowner or Seller.” Remember, you are here to strike a personal connection, and for that, you should sound human with emotional courtesy. Therefore, start your letter by addressing the seller by name.


In case you do not know the seller’s name, you can always search online. If that is not possible, you can always ask your real estate agent to find out the seller’s name.

·         Expressing What You Appreciate About the Home You Wish to Buy


You must have loved some elements of the home, which is why you decided to buy it. However, your seller would love to know why you wish to buy the house. Therefore, it is always a good idea to mention why you wish to buy the house.


Apart from a personal reason, you can also highlight things you like about the seller’s home. In this case, a little bit of flattery can be your ally and go a long way. Some of the appreciation points may include:

  • Praising the aesthetics
  • Small attention to detail and efforts seller has put in
  • Mentioning the size of the house is perfect for your family
  • The condition of the house shows how well the seller has kept it

·         Sharing About Yourself


Once you have written the part where you compliment the home and the seller, it is time to add some personal information. Your aim is to impress the seller to shortlist you as a potential homebuyer and, in the end, accept your offer. Therefore, you must try to include any memorable personal facts.


You can write about your family, kids, etc. Tell the seller how you, your wife, or the kids have always dreamed of having a house like this one and what it would mean to them now that you’ve found one. This will give the seller a sense of pride that getting their home can mean so much to someone.


If you have any plans to renovate the home, don’t share them. Some people have an emotional attachment to their home and may see this as an insult and refuse your offer altogether.

·         Attaching a Personal Picture


While you may be an articulate scholar, the first visual impression of your personality can also make a lot of difference. To complement a well-written offer letter for a house, you can always attach a picture of yourself, your family members, and even your pets. This will help the seller picture you and your family as the new residents of the house.

·         Highlighting  Common Between You Two


Another effective way to strike an instant connection with someone is to highlight what you two have in common. That is exactly what you can do when creating an offer letter for a house seller. If there is a way for you to find out about similar interests, hobbies, and other aspects of life, don’t be shy to discuss them.


For instance, you may come from the same background, share the same life story, work in the same industry or have the same hobbies. Maybe the home seller and you share the same purpose for selling and buying, i.e., looking for a better home for the family. Use that information to your advantage but make sure not to cross your boundaries.

·         Short and Simple Wins the Race


Remember that amidst the bidding war where everyone is trying to win, a home seller will have to go through a plethora of offer letters. While you may have a talent to write a mini-novel in the name of an offer letter, it is best to keep it sweet, short, and simple.

·         Giving Your Letter an Appropriate Closing


A winning offer letter is the one that starts and finishes strong. Therefore, as you conclude your offer letter, always remember to express genuine interest in buying the house. It is always good to show some gratitude by thanking the seller for taking time out of their precious schedule to read and consider your offer.



There is huge competition in the market when it comes to first-time home buying. Therefore, there is no guarantee that an offer letter will definitely make you the preferred homebuyer in the eyes of the home seller. However, if you can strike an emotional connection with the seller, it can certainly increase your chances exponentially.


In addition to creating an offer letter with a personal touch, you must also present yourself as someone who is serious about buying the house. If you have a pre-approved mortgage that covers the entire cost the seller is asking for, mention this in your cover. Sellers prefer homebuyers who are in a position to pay instantly.


To connect with the seller, you have to do some research and learn whatever you can about them. You can interview them over a phone call, speak to them in person, search online, or ask your real estate agent.


Once you have all the information, it is time to start creating an offer letter for a house you wish to buy.

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