Top TED Talks on Money

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The Top 8 TED Talks On Money

TED talks have changed lives for many of us. The different issues touched in each of these talks hold great importance for people everywhere. While it is a learning experience for some, others can relate to the real-life experiences shared by the speakers. Overall, there is a lot to learn from these talks as they help you view the world in a different light.

Money matters are a big problem since the beginning. From earning money to spending it, there are several things that matter and should be taken into account. If your goal in life is to be happy you need to ensure that you make sound financial decisions. A bad financial life is sadly a life full of misery.

How about you learn from people who made it in life? There are several TED talks on money that can be of great help to you. To help you kick-start your TED talk journey we are here with the best TED talks on money. Listen to them, take notes and you shall change your finances around.

Having Trouble Saving Money?

3 Psychological Tricks To Help You Save Money- Wendy De La Rosa   

Your brain is responsible for all the decisions you make. That is obvious, but the question here is how to train your brain into making decisions that help you financially. Wendy De La Rosa has the answer for you. Wendy is a behavioral scientist who has studied the way people make financial decisions. In this TED talk, she has come up with 3 psychological tricks that can help you train your brain into making decisions that help you save money.

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Wanting To Be Financially Independent?

Estelle Gibson -The True Cost Of Financial Dependence

Taking charge of your life is important and that includes taking charge of your finances. Being financially dependent on someone can have adverse effects on your personal finances. In the TED Talk Estelle Gibson leads by an example close to her heart- her own example. She talks about how despite being an accountant she trusted her partner with her finances. This did not turn out well, leaving her practically on the streets. She advocates that talking about money is very important no matter how much you love the other person.

Do You Over Spend?

 Michelle Mcgagh- My No Spend Year

By the end of the month, do you know where your money went? Well, for most of us, the answer is straightforward. ‘I don’t know’. Overspending is the biggest reason we get stuck in financial problems. Michelle Mcgagh shares the experience of her life’s experiment where she spent a complete year surviving on the bare minimum and excluding all unnecessary expenses.

This experiment leads her to save around 20,000 pounds. That staggering amount helped her realize that not only could you not buy happiness but you can compromise on overspending and work towards a bigger goal. Michelle used that money to invest in a house.

Is Your Coworker Getting Paid More?

David Burkus -Why You Should Know How Much Your Coworkers Get Paid

Professional jealousy is the biggest facade. Using this as an excuse the corporate world is able to save billions of dollars. The workers are fooled into believing that it is best if salaries are hidden from one another. David Burkus says otherwise. According to him, the uncertainty of what their coworkers are getting paid is worse.

It is because it helps them jump to conclusions and live with the notion that their coworkers are getting paid much more than them. He further argues that if coworkers know the salaries of each other, they might put in more effort. They will try to work hard than before so that they not only meet the salaries of their co-workers but also exceed them. This might even rise to a healthy competition between the employees so that they rise up to the occasion.


Is Your Relationship With Money Strained?

Thasunda Duckett- 6 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Money

Working on your relationships is very important to have a stronger bond. The same goes for your relationship with money. In every relationship, it is important to meet the other one halfway. With money, do not let it overpower you. Once you let it take charge of your life, there’s no going back. Thasunda Duckett says that it is important we start conversing about money and that conversation should be free of all guilt. According to him, money does not define us. It is just another aspect of our life, another relationship. And to improve that strained relationship, Thasunda comes up with 6 ways.

How Much Should You Be Paid?

Casey Brown- Know Your Worth, And Then Ask For It

New employees find it very hard to judge their worth when it comes to salary. Since they do not have a lot of experience and exposure, their paychecks are usually much lower than what they are actually worth. Casey talks about how other people judge our worth according to what they believe which is sometimes not fair to us at all. This is why we should definitely know what we’re worth and stick to it. using personal stories, Casey explains how it is vital for you to know your worth and then ask for it!

Take things in your hands and control what they think about you.

Entrepreneurs Are the Future!

Cameron Herald- Raising Children To Be Entrepreneurs To Help Them With Money

Parents are the ones who teach us the ins and outs of life. That includes finances. Many parents think that giving their children an endless supply of money is good for them, whereas the reality is much different. If you want to make sure that your child is financially sound, it is important that you teach your child the importance of working on different financial ideas and expanding on them.

Cameron thinks that parents have autonomy over how their children turn out financially. This is why Cameron tells them to push their children towards entrepreneurship. This will help them take charge of their finances from an early age. This training can include giving them odd jobs around the house. Help them earn some money so they understand the exchange. You can even teach them the act of negotiation and entertain their negotiation with you.

Where Is Money Heading To?

Neha Narula- The Future Of Money

Everything is evolving and that includes money. Neha Narula is a currency futurist who has closely studied cryptocurrency which is supposedly the future of money. In her talk, Neha mentions how it is important for us to understand the future of money as we too are progressing towards it. To walk with time is crucial.

Neha talks about how the notion that money is objective is false. In practicality, money is more about a collective consensus. The world has agreed upon what money is and that’s how we drive meaning for money. If the future changes, we will all be considering cryptocurrency as money.

You don’t have to do much to keep your money matters in check. Hear out these talks and you will be able to get the necessary pointers you need to align all your money matters without going through a lot of hassle.

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